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One of the oldest giraffes in human care, Twiga, dies at age of 31 at East Texas zoo

2024-04-12 One of the oldest giraffes in human care, Twiga, dies at age of 31 at East Texas zoo Panda twins born in South Korea for the 1st time near Seoul Joe Rogan and Elon Musk mock MSNBC for claiming that working out is a 'far right' obsession: 'Holy f--k' Indonesian diplomat says nuclear weapons put Asia at a 'miscalculation away from apocalypse' Australia's most decorated war veteran appeals court ruling that blamed him for unlawful killing of Afghans Vermont flooding closes dozens of roads, President Biden declares emergency Colorado woman, 26, dies after 500-foot fall while free solo climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park Bosnia commemorates 28th anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre Chris Eubanks upsets Stefanos Tsitsipas in five sets to move on to Wimbledon quarterfinals Israeli protestors block highways as part of countrywide demonstration against judicial overhaul MLB to host 93rd All-Star Game Netherlands, Indonesia welcome return of hundreds of cultural artifacts in global restitution effort Russia's war against Ukraine will be Biden's Afghanistan 2.0 Megan Rapinoe slams critics of trans females in women's sports, says jokes 'directly leads to violence' Newt Gingrich says he ‘cannot overstate’ importance of Yellen’s bow to China Zelenskyy outraged after Biden rejects Ukraine's NATO membership: 'unprecedented and absurd' University of South Carolina education courses centered on 'social justice, anti-racism' DeSantis dunks on Biden over report about president's F-bombs: 'How most Americans feel when...' Pat Fitzgerald hires legal counsel after Northwestern dismissal